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Our Story

Florencia was established in January 2020. It was inspired by, Adela Florencia, my late Cuban grandmother who had a passion for all things, fashion, flowers, and dancing. She was a light and inspiration to me for so much of my life while she was on this earth, and she continues to live on as a force of inspiration that drives the work we do today. 

We started out as an online floral design studio, with the mission to inspire love and creativity in our community. We are Latina led and owned, with roots in Chula Vista, CA, and as we grow our community, we are able to spread our wings from west coast to east coast and everywhere in between.


Our goal is to use flowers as a form of artistry and expression that will inspire and grow peoples love of flowers and the like, through beautifully curated and versatile design.  

Cynthia Fernandez 

Founder and Lead Floral designer of Florencia

Cynthia has always had a creative spirit, and love for all art forms. She was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She recieved her BA in Art History from San Diego State University, and has had many creative outlets throughout her life and has explored different creative mediums, including dance, garment design,  event curation, and charcoal art. Floral design started as a meditative physical space for healing, but quickly became a thriving business for creative artistry for her.

She uses shape, form, and color to create movement in her work, through inspiration from surrounding elements, in order to create a floral story and bring a floral vision to life.  



We understand the amount of waste that's created by the floral industry, which is why we choose to minimize our waste as much as we can, by using reusable ceramic vases, containers, and other mechanics.

We hope to continue our efforts in becoming less wasteful and being more resourceful in our floral arrangements and installations.

Our goal is to be completely foam free by 2025. 

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